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Kennesaw Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Reviews

Kennesaw Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Reviews

Below are some reviews from customers who have trusted Zone Home Solutions with their heating & air conditioning needs.

Trey Scarborough & Greg Holley
Zone Home Solutions Owners

“Really happy with my service. My technician explained everything very articulately, answered all my questions, was on time, respectful. Very reasonable cost. Happy that I chose these guys. My request was completed the same week that I called in.” –Joey C.

“Our 18 year old AC was working hard to cool the house. Zone Home Solutions has taken great care of our pest control needs for twenty years, so we felt confident choosing them for a consult. Rather than pushing for a sale, they told us that the HVAC still had some life in it. We elected to replace it for the sake of efficiency. The entire process, from diagnosis, to installation was a breeze. Literally. Our house is much more comfortable and our daily electric usage has dropped from $17/day to $6/day. They’ve contacted us to follow up and make sure everything was working well. Happy to say, everything is very cool. Couldn’t be happier.” –Clyde

“These guys go far beyond anything we have ever experienced before. They even clean our entire outside unit and coils every year.” –Matt 

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