Soon, there may be snow on the ground and ice in the tree tops, but even in the depths of winter, they’re out there, lying in wait to invade your home.

Insects and rodents may not reveal themselves as much during the chillier months in north Georgia, but that does not mean they’re gone for good.

In fact, this might be the best time to employ pest control services and give those creepy crawlies the cold shoulder, because you know they’ll be back.

Zone is here to help, and so we present 5 ways you can get started on your own and prep your home to deny the spring invasion that is sure to come when the pests wake up in the spring.

Pest Control Tips

1. Keep your yard tidy — Trim back any plants that touch your house and replace mulch, tree bark and pine straw with rock and/or stone. These materials are much less attractive as shelter to pests. Also, make sure there are as few weeds as possible around your deck, patio, garage and yard. Keep your trash cans clean and make sure they retain a tight seal.

2. Mind the gaps — Inspect the outside of your home for cracks, holes and gaps. Look at the foundation, roof and roofline, siding and utility cable/piping access. And if you see any space make sure to seal it up with copper mesh, steel wool, sheet metal or mortar — expanding caulk is often ineffective as pests can chew right through it. Meanwhile, also be sure and check the inside of the house for gaps in places like cabinets, appliances, and floor and dryer vents and seal those potential entry points.

3. Change those lights — Insects are attracted to standard mercury vapor lights (you know what it looks like on summer nights with moths and flies swarming the light source!). Therefore try and switch to high-pressure sodium vapor or halogen bulbs. Bulbs with pink, orange or yellow hues also discourage flying visitors.

4. Secure all entry points — No, a bug is not going to open your front door or break your window, but it will crawl right underneath the gap it leaves if it is warped or cracked. Replace any ill-fitting door or window and replace any torn screen.

5. Don’t be a slob — The cleaner you keep the inside of your house the less attractive it will be for any pest. That includes keeping food containers sealed in a tight plastic container or bag and cleaning out any unused or old food stuffs.

Do all of this and you will improve your chances of keeping unwanted guests on the outside looking in. That said, Zone knows it’s a hard task, and we’re always ready to step in and provide top-of-the-line pest control services.

If you’re looking for help in stopping those creepy crawlies cold simply give Zone a call at 770-904-5432 or peruse our website.