Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl Space Encapsulation

Many homeowners don’t give their home’s crawl space a second thought – out of sight, out of mind. Plus, crawl spaces by their very nature tend to be dark and creepy. So why should you care about the condition of your home’s crawl space?

Open or vented crawl spaces are extremely common – home builders use them as an inexpensive way to create a foundation for flooring and an accessible spot for electrical, plumbing and HVAC duct work installation.

The problem
Vented crawl spaces allow outside air to circulate underneath the home. While insulation is typically installed in the “ceiling” of the crawl space during construction, over time it can deteriorate or begin sagging toward the floor. This creates a “stack effect,” drawing in unwanted air, moisture and other contaminates.

This situation can create a variety of problems:

  • Higher utility bills – In metro Atlanta, open crawl spaces allow hot air and humidity get in during the summer and cold air to circulate in the winter. The outside air and moisture is sucked into your home via any cracks or holes, as well as the HVAC system.
  • Health issues – If outside air is sucked into your home via a vented crawl space, it not only leads to less efficient heating and cooling but allows dust, mold and undesirable odors to find their way inside.
  • Pests – Dirt crawl spaces create a protected and ideal environment for bugs to live and reproduce. Roaches, spiders, centipedes, termites and other critters are common in open crawl spaces, and sometimes creatures such as mice, rats and even snakes call them home.
  • Structural damage — Too much humidity in a crawl space allows mold spores to grow which can damage the wooden structure beneath the home. It also creates an attractive environment for damaging insects such as termites.

The Zone solution

Encapsulating or closing your crawl space can eliminate many of these problems. Our experienced technicians are trained to identify problem areas and create a customized crawl space encapsulation plan that suits your home. Steps include:

  • Clean up – We remove all debris from the crawl space, leveling the dirt/soil and sloping it to one corner.
  • Waterproofing – Our techs will evaluate any water intrusion. If needed, a sump pump may be recommended and installed.
  • Sealing air gaps – Zone will close all vents and use foam to shut out any other air intrusion between the crawl space and the living space of the home. Radiant foam board is installed along the walls and a thick poly liner is placed across the entire floor, secured around all piers and joints.
  • Finally, we install a dehumidifier to regulate moisture.

Why choose Zone?

Zone is certified by Santa Fe to install their dehumidifiers and crawl space encapsulation materials. We offer a one year warranty on workmanship and a renewable warranty every year thereafter.

Because we are also trusted experts when it comes to HVAC maintenance and installation, if the furnace is located in the crawl space we can identify and service any related issues.

Zone can complete most crawl space encapsulation jobs in two to three days. Due to the varying size and condition of each home’s crawl space, pricing varies. Request your complimentary crawl space evaluation and estimate today!