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Zone has provided the Atlanta community with affordable, reliable pest control services for more than 20 years. As a locally owned company – headquartered just an hour from Atlanta in Buford, we prioritize customer satisfaction. That’s why we honor customer appointments by arriving on time, and every pest control service starts with a free inspection and a 100% guarantee on our treatment. We are committed to finding the most effective treatment for your property.

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From the Zone Blog

Using the Winter to Prepare for the Summer

Preparing for something is almost always better than reacting to it. Certainly, that’s the case when it comes to insect control in your home. If you wait until you’ve seen the first bug – or signs of...

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Why Do Bugs Come in During the Winter?

There’s nothing quite so obnoxious as dealing with a bug infestation in your home. And by “infestation” we don’t necessarily mean hundreds of critters crawling around. Because when it comes to pests like cockroaches and spiders, even...

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Why Choose a Local Pest Control Company

One of the best things about our great state is the weather. All of Georgia – but especially North Georgia – offers a temperate climate, and, except for a few sweltering weeks each summer, pleasant and comfortable...

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The Sentricon System

Termites – the very word should send shivers down the spine of a homeowner. As any homeowner who has had the misfortune of dealing with an infestation of these destructive pests will tell you, termites are the...

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The Risks of Georgia Mosquitoes

No one likes mosquitoes. Unfortunately, these winged pests fill the Georgia air for much of the year. In fact, the little blood suckers are quite comfortable any time temperatures reach 50 degrees Fahrenheit with regularity. That combined...

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Silverfish Infestation: Causes and Prevention

Silverfish frequently appear as the air turns cold outside a home as they seek warmth. Of all the home pests we see on a regular basis, silverfish may be the ones that most confuse people. But what...

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Importance of Mosquito Control

Every dog owner (and probably cat owner) has heard of heartworms (a parasitic roundworm). And you probably know how devastating they can be to your furry friend – they can result in heart failure, lung disease and...

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Why be consistent with termite treatment?

If you have ever owned a home in Georgia – or just about anywhere else in the United States, bar a few isolated spots – you are probably aware of termites and that you don’t want them...

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Scorpions…in Georgia!

When you think of scorpions, most of us think of scenes from movies like Indiana Jones or arid desert climates like those in the western part of the country or in deserts like the Sahara. We also...

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Formosan Termites

Perhaps you have heard of Formosan termites; they are an invasive species of that most damaging pest. Yes, we have our own, native termites (the eastern subterranean termite), but the Formosan termite seems to be here to...

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Bugs and Your Pets

For so many of us, our furry friends make up another member of the household. We cannot imagine a life without our dogs and/or cats, and we enjoy their company as much as they need ours. However,...

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Insects Found In Firewood

There is nothing better than cozying up to a roaring fire on a cold winter night. It is almost meditative: ignoring the chill while wood flame crackles and dances behind a warm hearth. As with every wonderful...

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